How to increase conversions on your website? An actionable plan to success.

Your business’ website has one sole purpose and that is to increase conversions and in turn increase revenue. This can be achieved only when you bring traffic onto your site. With smart yet strong SEO, this can be achieved organically. But alternatively, one can pay for it by investing in paid search advertising. If you have successfully managed to bring traffic onto your site but failed to push sales, then this blog is for you.

Traffic conversion is one of the biggest challenges businesses today struggle with. Users are visiting a number of websites every day and their expectations are only increasing. They want websites that load quickly, help them choose better and in short websites that make their lives easier.

In this blog, we will tell you some quick checks you can conduct and fixes you can make on your website to increase your conversion rate.

Optimize your Page Load Speed:

Time is money and users are more impatient than ever. With websites that load in less than 2 seconds, 3 seconds is outrageously slow. Analyze your page load speed on Google’s PageSpeed Insights. This link gives you an elaborate report on your page’s speed performance and possible changes that you could make to decrease the load time. A page that loads in a jiffy is just a few clicks away!

Page load speed

A user-friendly Interface:

Understand your users and their needs. Don’t waste their time with unnecessary information. Make a user-friendly website that’s simple and easy to use. To quickly analyze your website’s ease of usability, conduct a usablity test here.

Prominent call-to-action buttons:

Giving your users a 100 reasons to buy from you is great. But telling them how to buy is an unmatched addition to your website. Include prominent call-to-action buttons and tell your users what to do. Use buttons with text links – Sign Up, Buy or Call, Download, depending on the nature of your business and website. This also eases and enhances customer experience. Also, ensure social media icons that will help you connect with your users in their most favorite social media platform.

Improve your content:

They say, ‘the first impression is the best impression’ and we can’t agree more. Creating content that’s transparent and believable helps you build trust. Your users will pick up exaggeration easily. So, cut the crap. List down a number of questions that you want to answer. Answer these questions in your content with a logical flow of topics.

Testimonials and reviews:

Social proof is a magical element that could help you push your users down the sales funnel. It gives the user a sense of trust and would make them want to try your product/service.

Leverage analytics:

All is not done if you don’t consider insights from your google analytics. All the changes implemented can be tracked to report success. We cannot emphasize the importance of installing analytics on your website enough. You can track what is working for you and what isn’t and make changes accordingly.  

In short, conversions are an outcome of some planned moves. These moves are tried, tested and will work for you as it does for others. Implement these changes and let us know how your sales are skyrocketed there on!



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