Facebook in Support of Original Content Creators

Marking a great move, Facebook announced that their video ranking will now mostly be about originality. This message was shared by David Miller, Product Management Director of Facebook, on 6thMay 2019.

This change was made to give a boost to original content creators over those that simply re-record and repurpose videos. This move was made both in the interest of users who consume videos and those who produce it.

The changes that are made is to strengthen the following elements

Loyalty and intent

This includes videos that are saved and those that are sought and watched repeatedly

Video and viewing duration

This is for videos that are at least 3 minutes long and manage to maintain highest engagement rate


The highlight of this decision is that Facebook will be axing repurposed or unoriginal content

Facebook approves originality

With the level of data over-load at the moment, this was a very welcoming news and most users acknowledged and appreciated Facebook. This will also encourage content that adds value to the users and foster creative content makers. The change will reflect on all three Facebook video spaces including news feed, Facebook Watch and other automated video recommendations.


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