A website for your business. It’s essential, it’s important.

If you are a non-e-commerce business, do you still need a website for your business? The answer is yes and a thousand times yes.  The benefits of having a website is largely over looked and if you learnt a few features that a website could offer, you will be mind blown and will want one ASAP! That’s right. Some of these features help you function in a way that will help you reach the stars. In this feature of Digi Reach, I am going to quickly tell you 5 reasons why you need a website for your business right away.

Reason 1: The world embraces it

A study conducted by marketingcharts.com showed that in 2017, there was a 58% increase of investment towards websites. To be ahead of your competition, you cannot choose easier solutions. The game is difficult, but the hack is pretty clear. Let your website take the goal for you!

Source: marketing charts.com

Reason 2: Control. CONTROL.                                                       

Having your website helps you play with and change how you want to portray your brand. You have your brand guidelines for a reason and that will only reflect in your website. A third-party social media platform chokes creativity and limits you in every way. Plus, you need to pay an extra rate for every promotion you want to undertake.

On the contrary, you can optimize your website for search engines at little cost and it is an ongoing process that will help you keep your website game strong.

Reason 3: All things data

A website enables you with some supreme powers. By activating Google Analytics on your website, you can understand your target audience better. You can study their interaction with your website and other details like target location etc. On the basis of this data, you could tweak content and posts that they are most likely to interact with. You will be able to make improvements that will fuel your growth and help you achieve your goals. On the contrary, there is no clear metrics to measure performance of a social media channel.

Reason 4: Independence in not over rated

We’ve seen social media platforms collapse in the past. Building dependency on it is not the smartest thing to do. So, with a website, you can leverage social media to direct traffic to it.

Reason 5: Big goals need big actions

Can you name three big brands that don’t have a website? If your answer is – none, I guess I’ve explained myself here. We all start little ventures with big dreams. And the goal is to achieve those dreams. A brand without an identity for itself on the web – now that’s a call you make for yourself.

Light Bucket Productions, a photography firm based in Bangalore is a perfect example of all of this coming to life. They are able to say more in one frame, customize better and make the website talk for them.



Social Media

To make a website is one of the easiest tasks. With a number free tutorial on the internet and readily available themes on WordPress, give it a few hours and have your website up and running or hire someone who can do it for you. But this is one of the most basic and essential steps to successful digital marketing. Just remember, this is not an anti-social media blog. It’s jus pro website!

We hope you have enough reasons to work on your website. Here’s a link to a good WordPress tutorial for beginners to help you get started. Add your thoughts in the comments below and let us know what you think.


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