Hey there!

If you are an entrepreneur running a small-medium sized organization or a dreamer who is working on a plan to embark on your entrepreneurial journey, digital marketing is most definitely on top of your mind. If digital marketing is something you are willing to explore and leverage it to its full potential, but unsure as to how to go about it, you are in the right place.

I am Sai from India and I am in love with all things digital. The very fact that you can sit between four walls and drive sales from across the globe intrigued me. And with that, I started my journey into the digital marketing space. With 2 years of experience in the industry and interactions with some amazing minds, I’ve realized that digital marketing is easier than it looks. All it requires is planned efforts and continuous monitoring.  Most often entrepreneurs with budding businesses find it difficult to get started on digital marketing. Either because it’s too early or too expensive to hire an agency. But that shouldn’t stop you from implementing digital marketing. To help all such budding entrepreneurs and creators, I have started this blog to share my knowledge and help you with – DIY digital marketing plans and strategies – that are made to succeed.

I wish you a happy digital discovery,                                                            

– Sai